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The basic concept for this project is XCopy deploy the Bin directory to as many machines as necessary, from each machine then launch the number of nodes required. At this point, all nodes can controlled from any of the machines controllers. Start the traffic generation, and when enough time has passed, stop it and launch the collection process. All nodes will connect to your SQL Server and insert the log data.

I've updated it to the Microsoft Research Project GLEE (Graph Layout Execution Engine) and so you might want to download that project to see how it works

Usage Instructions
  1. Within the Data directory, there is a WCFPerformance SQL Express database that can be attached to your local server and the scripts files to create the database from scratch.
  2. The MasterControl project App.Config has a connectionstring that needs to be updated to reflect your SQL Server connection. This string will be sent to all nodes within the mesh to upload the performance data.

If using SQL Server Express 2005 - you may need to enable TCP Connections to support remote machines connecting to the server. See the following link to enable TCP connections

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